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ARC Review – Something Bright and Burning

Something Bright and Burning by Whitney Amazeen is a new adult contemporary novel set to be published September 20, 2022. I got early access through NetGalley and was excited to dive in but this one didn’t work for me, I gave it 2 stars.

Goodreads Description

Everly Martin, eighteen years old and fiercely ambitious, takes pity on Nicolai after accidentally swiping right on a dating app. She doesn’t have time for love, not with her desperation to finish college and earn enough money to help her single mom pay the bills. But from the moment they meet at a coffee shop, Nicolai terrifies her with the instant connection they form. He couldn’t have come at a worse time, because that same morning, Everly learns she’s pregnant. And to make matters worse, she isn’t sure who the father of her child is.

Though Everly is determined to stay far away from Nicolai, he reappears in her life, this time in a way she can’t ignore. While fighting her growing attraction for him, Everly is haunted by the knowledge that her baby’s father might actually be a terrible person. She’s willing to find out, even if learning the truth ultimately ends in heartbreak.

Nicolai might not have a place in Everly’s future, but when he helps her discover a shocking truth about her past—a truth that could either change everything for the better, or destroy it even more—Everly must decide what’s more important: giving her child the life she’s always wanted, or following her heart and choosing love. 

My Review

I sadly didn’t really enjoy this. It was a very quick read but I still struggled to read it. It just didn’t hold my attention.

Everly seemed like an interesting character in the beginning but she was very one dimensional. There are some heavy topics talked about in this book and everything seemed a little surface level so I never really connected with Everly. The diary entries were probably where any potential connection would have come from but the second person style just didn’t work for me. It seemed to separate those things from Everly rather than make me understand her more. This left me with a very heavy character-driven book about a character I didn’t care about which never works. She wet around making decisions and doing things that I didn’t understand or at least didn’t understand why I should care, I found myself bored.

The various guys and romance all just didn’t quite click. The bad guy, the rich guy, and the good guy were very stereotypical and one note through the beginning. I again was not invested regardless of how those storylines progressed (which I thought was unnecessary and going for the big “reveal” a little too obviously).

The one thing I really did like was her relationship with her little sister. The idea that some kids grow up taking care of their siblings for various reasons is an interesting topic and I like how it was played out here.

Overall, this is one I’ll soon forget. It wasn’t bad so if you have a strong interest, go for it but not one I would recommend.

* I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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