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Book Review – A Twist of Fate

A Twist of Fate by Kelley Armstrong is the second book in the A Stitch in Time trilogy. I read A Stitch in Time in December and loved it, 5 stars all the way. This paranormal gothic time-traveling romance trilogy is so much fun. The characters, setting, story, writing, are all great. Here’s my review of book 2 with no spoilers for either book.

Goodreads Description

Four years ago, Rosalind Courtenay stumbled from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first, where she has been trapped ever since, leaving her husband and infant son behind. Now she’s found her way back.

The problem, of course, is how to explain her absence to her husband. Does he think she abandoned him? Has he remarried? Is he happy in a new life? Rosalind decides to don a disguise in hopes of answering her questions before showing up on his doorstep. Instead, a twist of fate has her mistaken for her young son’s new governess.

Rosalind has every intention of revealing herself as soon as August returns home from business. Until then, she’ll get to know her son, a quiet child who has inexplicably been abandoned by an endless stream of governesses. That’s when the hauntings begin. Rosalind has finally come home and something—or someone—doesn’t just want her gone. They want her dead.

My Review

I loved this. Maybe not as much as the first one but still, I read it in a day and stayed up until 1 in the morning to finish. The gothic setting, the slightly creepy story, and wonderful characters are all wrapped up into a really unique love story.

I didn’t like Rosalind and August quite as much as Bronwyn and William but their story was still totally captivating (actually better I think than book 1) and I couldn’t put it down. Having Edmund added an interesting layer to the story. I totally ate up every time we got glimpses of Bronwyn and William. I might need to read the novellas to get a little more of that.

The beginning of the story had me thinking this was going to be disappointing. Rosalind makes some really weird/bad choices and there are a lot of coincidences. It’s dealt with later in a fairly satisfying manner and it had to happen to get the plot going. It got so much better and I was able to just forget about it.

The mystery was fun and it took a lot of twists and turns that took me by surprise. I originally thought I had it all figured out and then the characters came to my same conclusion but as the story unfolded, it managed to go in another direction in a way that made total sense and left me needing to keep reading.

I can’t wait for the third book, this series is a hidden gem.

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