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ARC Review – Fevered Star

Fevered Star is the second book in Rebecca Roanhorse’s adult fantasy series, Between Earth and Sky. The first book, Black Sun, was one of my top reads of 2021 and this one did not disappoint. This book is set to be published April 19th but I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from NetGalley.

WARNING – Minor spoilers for Black Sun (mainly in the description and not my review)

Goodreads Description

The great city of Tova is shattered. The sun is held within the smothering grip of the Crow God’s eclipse, but a comet that marks the death of a ruler and heralds the rise of a new order is imminent.

The Meridian: a land where magic has been codified and the worship of gods suppressed. How do you live when legends come to life, and the faith you had is rewarded?

As sea captain Xiala is swept up in the chaos and currents of change, she finds an unexpected ally in the former Priest of Knives. For the Clan Matriarchs of Tova, tense alliances form as far-flung enemies gather and the war in the heavens is reflected upon the earth.

And for Serapio and Naranpa, both now living avatars, the struggle for free will and personhood in the face of destiny rages. How will Serapio stay human when he is steeped in prophecy and surrounded by those who desire only his power? Is there a future for Naranpa in a transformed Tova without her total destruction?

My Review

I love this series, the >1 year wait for this second book was well worth it. It’s such a unique world that was built so beautifully in the first book and it’s inhabited by a cast of characters I absolutely love. It’s not even listed yet but there’s got to be at least one more based on the ending so I guess I’m back to anxiously waiting for the next one.

The plot was a little slower in this one. It had the pretty typical of a second book issue where the beginning wraps up loose ends, then the middle is a little slow and then the ending ramps up again to a reveal/cliffhanger. The writing and characters more than made up for it, I was totally invested throughout. The various clans are also clearly laid out in a way that I could follow the politics. It got a little muddy when everyone was siding with everyone and switching sides like crazy but that was the intention and I was as confused as I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be (or I just couldn’t follow a simple plot but I’m going with my version).

The characters are why I love this series so much. Serapio is one of the most intriguing characters I’ve come across. He’s morally gray or maybe even evil but I love him and want him to succeed. Xiala is a close second favorite and I was glad to get more of her history in this one. The other characters are also great. I wasn’t a huge fan of adding another perspective but he was at least part of the story so it didn’t turn me off as much as added POVs usually does.

And oh boy, the end was fantastic, I can’t wait to see what happens next. The last few chapters blew my mind.

* I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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